The Evening Projects

The Evening Project is a God-inspired, global and people-focused vision with an ultimate mission to solve problems most of which are evening/night-related. The vision includes objectives that are decisive to the maximization of time. These include the following:

i. Creation of awareness with regards the significance, spirituality, and fruitfulness of the evening/night period and the need to invest with foresighted prudence during these periods the evening/night watches.

ii. Execution of projects, organization of programs, and release of products that will encourage auspicious seeding during the evening/night period.

iii. Spiritual awakening of the Bride of Christ concerning her divine responsibility towards the world as encoded in Genesis 1:16 and in Isaiah 60:1 and 2.

iv. Fanning aflame the embers of the believer’s expectation of Jesus’s imminent return; and encouraging Christians not to give up the faith in this period of darkness.

v. Winning the lost out of the darkness of satanic bondage into the Light of Christ and God’s Kingdom; through Holy Spirit-led humanitarian endeavours.

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